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Friday 29th July 2016 the day that changed the Butler family forever. 

Eldest Daughter Demi had been to get blood tests earlier on in the day, it was her mother’s birthday & Demi along with her siblings were due to go on holiday later that same day with their father leaving their Mother with a much needed break to celebrate her birthday. 

Sam, Ellie’s mother was told that if there were any problems she would be contacted within the hour by the doctor. After not hearing anything all afternoon the children departed with their father on a family holiday leaving Sam to relax and enjoy the rest of her birthday not having to worry about Demi. 

At 18:30 Sam was greeted by the Cheshire Police advising her that Demi needed to be taken to Alder Hey straight away. Upon arrival the Butler family were given the news that Demi had Leukaemia. 

This is where Ellie became a very important part of her sister’s survival. 


As is usual practice family members (siblings) are tested to see if there are any blood related donors for the bone marrow transplant that was needed to save Demi’s life. Ellie was found to be a perfect match for Demi & so the hospital began the gruelling process of the bone marrow transplant. 

Ellie only being 10 years old didn’t give this a second thought, that was her sister and she would do anything she could to help, although later as any kids would she would be cheeky and ask for presents like the new Liverpool kit in exchange for her “bow & arrow “as she called it. 


For those of you who don’t know what a bone marrow transplant is it is a procedure to replace damaged or destroyed bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells. Bone marrow is the soft fatty tissue inside your bones and it produces blood cells. 

There are five mains stages to bone marrow transplant, 

•Tests and examinations – to assess your general level of health. 

•Harvesting – the process of obtaining the stem cells to be used in the transplant, either from you or a donor. 

•Conditioning – treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy to prepare your body for the transplant. 

•Transplanting the stem cells 


This can be intensive & challenging. It can take a year or two to make a full recovery. 


After the transplant the Butler family were informed it was a success. After a long recovery and eight months later Demi is doing really well & in remission. 3rd November 2016 the day the transplant took place has now been called Re-born day for Demi. 


Ellie is such an amazing girl she went through what I can only imagine as a horrendous procedure all in aid of saving her sister, but Ellie doesn’t realise that’s what she has done. 

Ellie is sometimes forgotten about, not by her family because to them she is a hero but by the general public. They concentrate on Demi’s story rather than thinking without Ellie the Butler family could have had a completely different story. 

To make such a sacrifice and not even give it a second thought shows true courage and I have complete admiration & respect for that. 


A hero is someone who shows courage and achieves great things and I think that is a great way to describe Ellie, to save someone’s life is a truly amazing thing to do. 


In today’s world we face such hatred & truly horrendous acts of violence, it’s difficult to see the good in things, maybe if we had more young people like Ellie who would gladly put themselves in positions of harm & pain in order to give someone else life the world would be a completely different and better place to live. 


Ellie might not be remembered in history & in 10 years times a lot of people will have forgotten her story but not me, not her family and most of all Demi. For every memory Demi makes and every achievement, Ellie will be at the back of everyone’s mind that without her, her sister may not have had the chance. 


This is the reason I am proud to give Ellie recognition and award her with the Maiden Mother Woman of the month September 2017. 

If Ellie & Demi’s story has taught me anything it is that a bond between sisters is so strong and can be life changing.


On a final note I just want to give some recognition to Sam Butler. The struggle of holding together a family & herself cannot be easy. I think people expect parents to be strong and to get on with tough situations but we don’t take into consideration the heartache and pain they feel. 

I can only assume how lonely that is and even with a crowd of people around you it must eat away at you and pull you into a dark place. 

To come out of it & still be an amazing mother takes guts and shows an unbelievable amount of strength and courage. This reflect on how her children grow & we can see from just Ellie how her influence has made Ellie the wonderful young woman she is today.

Sept 17


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