MP Justin Madders 

In a world were it is hard to beleive our leaders, the people of Ellesmere Port & Neston are lucky to have an MP like Justin Madders.

He is a man that fights for our rights, gets involved with the community & not for a photo opportunity but because he cares.



1.Before you went into politics you were an employment lawyer, what made you decide to go into politics?

I have always been interested in politics and have been involved at a local level as a councillor for 17 years before I became an MP. What interested me when I was younger still motivates me now; rallying against injustice and unfairness


2.How has your career affected your family life?

Yes being away from home for 3 or 4 nights a week is bound to make things difficult.


3.You are MP for Elesmere Port & Neston, how has the support from the community aided you?

It is my job to support the community but in recent days following the tragic murder of Jo Cox I have been heartened by the number of supportive comments I have had from constituents  who have been fantastic at what has been a  difficult time for me


4.The country has been saddened by the death of Jo Cox, How has her death affected you? And do you fear other MPs are at ris?

Jo  was a friend as well as a colleague but most of all she was a mother of two young children and that is the saddest thing of all. There has been a tendency in recent years to view mp's as somehow fair game for vile abuse and threats and even through you must accept robust debate and disagreement in politics I feel it has gone too far which has led to Jo losing her life. We have to get he right balance between accessible and safe


5.What advice would you give someone wanting to start a political career?

Dont think of politics as a career, think of it as a calling. If there is an issue that you feel passionately about the chances are there will be other people who feel the same as you- get involved with whatever you feel most passionately about        either locally or nationally and you will find your political home naturally that way.


6. You were appointed a member of the shadow health team, what is the next step for you? 

I hope to continue in the health team - there are so many issues that have arisen in the short time I have been in it and the NHS faces a critical time as the years of underfunding  are catching up with it.

7. What is your reaction to the EU referendum result?
I am not surprised but disappointed. My job now is to make sure that whatever is agreed in the future enables this constituency to get the best deal possible. There will be an awful lot that will change and we need to make sure this area is not forgotten about.
8. What do you hope for the future of ellesmere port and Neston?
I want Ellesmere Port and Neston to be a thriving area where there are opportunities for everyone , where we focus on well paid, secure jobs and decent affordable housing for all.


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