Mason Cartwright

As part of my new weekly interview segment I had the opportunity to interview professional boxer Mason Cartwright.

He is a local lad from Ellesmere Port and he was kind enough to give me my first website exclusive interview!

Mason tells me about his plans for the future & the sacrifices he has had to make to get to where he is today.


  1. What was it like to make your debut at the echo arena?

It was amazing, it wasn’t that full at the time as it was quite early, so anyone in there was to watch me,

over 300 people shouting my name.


  1. That must be a great feeling, I know your record is 5-0 did you have any amateur fights prior to turning professional?

Yes yes I’m 5-0 and before turning pro I had 57 amateur fights, boxing all over the world… Ireland, Germany, Spain and Scotland.

It was great!


  1. What made you turn professional?

I have boxed from the age of 7 and from as young as that I always said I’m going to be a boxer! So nothing made me turn professional other

Than the pure love for boxing and my dream job/career.


  1. What makes you get up out of bed every morning and continue going the gym?

Just through the love of boxing and with drive to be and want to be a champion! It’s a one man sport, you get out what you put in


  1. What are your plans for the future?

My first goal would be to reach British title level, that would be the first stepping stone and see where

I can go after that!


  1. You have been on the same fight card as Paul Butler & Matty Fagan are they friends of yours?

Yes we have grown up our entire life boxing together, firstly boxing for the same amateur gym then all turning professional and boxing for the

Same pro gym but some of us have moved on since, but we still keep in touch.


  1. Does Paul winning the world title spur you on even more?

Yes most definitely I've came from the same back ground! I train just as hard and it's just shown me you have to take your opportunity with both hands


  1. Professionals can now compete in the Olympics is that something you would be interested in?

Yes that would be great but it's not as simple as that! You would have to be approached by the England squad, you can't just put yourself forward


  9.what sacrifices have you had to make to your personal life?


   Like I have to sacrifice going out with my mates drinking etc! If I am training for a fight I have to miss things such as birthday meals an things as I will be on a strict diet! I just dedicate myself to the training set out infront of me so that I am in the best possible shape for my fight.


  1. What advice would you give to someone wanting to be a professional boxer?

Be ready to give up everything! You want to be a boxer you have to want to go above and beyond, no ifs or buts! Boxing becomes your life!



Thank you to Mason for the great interview I wish you nothing but success for the future. What this space he is going to be massive one day!!


*credit Luke Edwards


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