Important Values


As a parent i feel it is very important to teach my son good values. 
i want him to grow into a wonderful young man but in order for that to happen i need to help guide him along the right path. 

Here are the values I think are the most important: 

I beleive that you should always be kind to others. Treat people with compassion. A smile can hide heartache and harsh words can mask pain, you never know what anyone else is going through so always be kind because somebody elses harshness might be their way of coping. 

You should always be honest, even if that honesty gets you into trouble. A lie can spiral out of control and end up with a much worse response than if you had been honest in the first place. 

Everyone including yourself deserves respect until proven otherwise. Be repectful of others around you. You will find more people will show you respect if you show respect to them. 

if you make a promise or agree to something you should always see it through. This will apply to your relationships and to your future family. Commitment shows loyalty and shows that you can be relied on.  This is also a great value for when you start a new job. 

Like the saying goes.... good things come to those who wait! Sometimes what you want or what you need takes time to get to you but if you are willing to wait for things you will appreciate them more. 

Everyone is different! You will meet different people with different lifestyles and opinions and you must try and show understanding. Being tolerant of others will help you make better connections in life. 

Hard Work & Effort 
Always work hard as hard work always pays off in the end. This applies to work and education. If you dont put the effort in then dont expect the best results. People will admire your work ethic and you will eventually be rewarded for that. 

I hope that if I teach him well that he will a man we can both be proud of. 

What are the important values you will be teaching your children? Comment below ?


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