Girls Night Out 



Being a mum it's important to still be yourself. You need to make time for you & enjoy yourself. 
This is why I think girls nights out are a must! 
They are not just a must for mum's but for all women. 


Here are my 7 reasons why we as women need a girls night out! 



1# You never laugh as much as you do when you're with your friends. From telling stories from your home life, things you have seen on Facebook or tales from your youth. There is no better medicine than laughter. 


2# You get great support. Whether it's a serious issue or you're just being bonkers your girls will be there with advice and girl power. 
It's up lifting when you are struggling to have friends who give you that boost in confidence, it makes you feel like you got this! 


3# A good old bitch & moan. We all know we love it! There is no better stress relief than getting to rant about issues that annoy you. This usually intales your partner has done something or that girl you hate.
Sometimes work ? 
It's healthy to let things out, things you have been holding in for a while. Who cares if your being a bit bitchy we all do it! 


4# Drinks! Need I say more? ????????


5# You get to be silly and sometimes have a good old dance. 


6# Getting ready. The best part of a night out is the prep. A new outfit,make-up, tan and nails. Doing this makes us feel Great! You always feel better about yourself when you have really made the effort! 


7# Most importantly you get to be yourself, not someone's mum or partner, just you! 



Men tend to (not all men) not understand why girls do what we do but our girl friends do. 
Girls nights are cheaper than therapy (depends where you go) and it helps alot. 


I'm on a girls night tonight and I couldn't be happier to be with my girls! 



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