If there is one thing I have learnt in my life is that things always change. 

There is nothing in this world that is set. It can change with the wind. 


I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason, no matter how hard it can be sometimes that reason isn't clear at the time but one day it will be. 


Change can be a good thing, it doesn't have to be scary.
If you embrace it, it can be for the better & can help you shine. 

In the last year my life has changed so much. 
I have been at my lowest and at my highest in a 12 month period and that scares me. I mean how can your life change so drastically in a sort period. A year is on paper an awful long time but when you are living it the months fly by so quickly. 


My body has changed and it felt like it failed me, I couldn't process this and I took me to a rough place. I found it hard to accept the changes I needed to make in my life and felt alone and angry. It's not healthy being angry about something you cannot change it ends up consuming you, unless you ask for help. 


My relationships have changed too. 
I have stopped letting negativity affect my life & let go of situations that I feel I have no control over. 
The worst thing you can do is let anxiety into a relationship, it starts to crack the foundations and can be toxic if left. Sometimes it's better to walk away not in anger or hatred but out of love for those involved. It's never a forever goodbye just a goodbye for now. 

I have made new relationships and  have rediscovered old friendships and I am better for it. 

I have changed as a person and it may not be for the better to some people but in my life I feel at peace. 
I no longer feel anger or hatred and I don't feel the need to worry about other around me only the people who truly matter, like my family. 


I think there comes a time when you have to accept you have changed,that you are not the same person as you once was,but you also have to own the changes you made. 


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