Maybe i should start with the basics, my name is Danni. 

I am 27 years old, Mother to three year old son Ethan and Wife to "semi professional" FIFA player Mark. 
We live in west Cheshire & live a simple life. 

I work part-time whilst my husband works a full week. Between us we manage juggling our whole world, with me taking the lead once or twice. 

We aren't the richest or the happiest but we are a family. Together we work together and support each other through thick and thin. 

My blog is my passion, it's my way to express my feelings and opinions. I don't try to impress nor will I shy away from the truth. 
My blog will take you on the journey of my life being a wife, Mother and woman. 

My hope is to have an impact on someone's life and maybe help lead them to something great. If not I just hope everyone enjoys the read. 

Thank you for reading.


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